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Shalom Chaverim website is currently under planning and development, the goal is to develop and provide a database of fellowship and advertising for the Netzari community.



Peshitta English Aramaic Critical Edition by

Andrew Gabriel Roth

1104 pages

Aramaic English New Testament click here

The Netzari Jewish New Testament, the original words of Y'shua (Jesus).


Rosalind is a singer, songwriter, composer, and worship leader living in Jerusalem, Israel.  In recent years she has been the resident musician at the Garden Tomb.  During the year she has been the lead singer and co-worship leader at Christ Church at Jaffa Gate. Her first CD was released in 2003, it's focus is on the land of Israel and men of the Bible.  Songs are recorded in English and Hebrew both; the latter are translated and transliterated.


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